Plasma® 12-Strand

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Plasma® 12 strand is the highest strength synthetic rope available. Plasma® 12 strand is manufactured from Honeywell Spectra® Fiber that has been enhanced by Pugent Sound Rope's patented recrystallization process. This process is especially effective in medium to large ropes where strengths are 50% higher and creep is significantly less than that of standard Spectra® 12 strand.

Plasma® 12 strand comes standard with a polyurethane finish and is easily spliced using a simple lockstitch type splice, 4-3-2 or 5-4-3 Tuck splice. Its soft, torque free braided construction provides easy handing.

* Highest strength
* Lowest stretch
* Low creep
* Soft hand
* Torque free
* Easy splicing
* Floats




Tensile Strengths are determined in accordance with Cordage Institute 1500, Test Methods for Fiber Rope. Weights are calculated at linear density under standard preload (200d²) plus 4%.