Marine Ladders - Aluminum Extension and Single Ladders

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Aluminum Extension and Single Ladders
Stacked style aluminum Rails
Extra strong extruded aluminum shoes and locks
Extensions can be separated and used as two single ladders


D1516-216' Extension31
D1520-220' Extension37
D1524-224' Extension45
D1528-228' Extension56
D1532-232' Extension66
D1536-236' Extension79
D1540-240' Extension89
D544-244' Extension130
D548-248' Extension141
560-3*60' Extension179
*560-3 has a Type 1 250 lb Duty Rating
D1508-18' Single Ladder14
D1510-110' Single Ladder17
D1512-112' Single Ladder21
D1514-114' Single Ladder26
D1516-116' Single Ladder32
D1518-118' Single Ladder38
D1520-120' Single Ladder43
524-124' Single Ladder60
1728XHD28' Single Ladder80
1030XHD30' Single Ladder95