Solar Powered Navigation Lights - Model 501

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1. Nautical Mile
Model 501

2. Nautical Mile
Model 601

3. Nautical Mile
Model 701


The Lake Havasu City Lighthouse Club Uses Premier 701 Solor Lighting for Greater Boater Safety













Over 100,000 Units Sold Worldwide

Premier's solar-powered LED (light emitting diode) lights are extremely rugged and designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions with zero maintenance.
They also require no battery replacement, no bulb replacement, and no servicing during the term of their installation (up to five years, depending on location).
Premier Solar-Powered marine lights are available with green, red, amber, white or blue output with either a fixed ("steady on") or flashing character. All marine lights come with a 3-year warranty. They are designed to install in minutes and operate flawlessly for up to five years without any maintenance or servicing. No wiring, no battery or bulb replacement, no worries...
Our marine LED lights have been engineered to be extremely durable and reliable while installed nearly anywhere on earth. They will survive extended exposure to salt water and salty air, extreme swings in temperature (from -40° C / -40° F to +80° C / 176° F), shock, heavy vibration and UV degradation.
Models currently available include:

Model 501
Up to one nautical mile (1.8 Kilometers)
The 501 is the world's most advanced solar-powered LED one nautical mile (1.8km) marine hazard light. Unique in the world of navigation and hazard markers, it is completely integrated, self contained and virtually indestructible...
Specifications for Model 501