Personnel Nets

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Personnel Nets - For Offshore Use

Description: 10S No. 200

Top Lifting Ring: 7/8" Weldless Forged Steel

Load Line: 5/8" 6x25 IWRC Galv. Wire Rope Steel Grip Spliced.

Stabilizer Rubber: Weather protected with facilon bag.

Netting: 3/4" Black Polyproplene Rope

Top Ring: 30" with flotation padding and protection.

Bottom Rings: 72" with flotation padding protected with facilon wrap.

Overall length is 29 feet.

Entrances to net four (4).

Bottom of net has four (4) rubber chafe pads.

All material domestic.

10S No. 201

Same description as 10S No. 200 with the exception of overall length is33 feet

instead of 29 feet.

Flotation: Enough to float five (5) men.