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We stock the Orange, however, 4 other colors (yellow, Blue, White and Black) are available on factory order.

BUOYS  Rugged Polyurethane Construction - for convenience, all models are shipped deflated. Larger sizes(X18, X21, X24, X30 and X40) have familiar screw-in values, while the smaller size, (X15) use a football style value. (inflation needle provided)
Model# Size Cir. Buoyancy
X15 15" x 18" 46" 70 lbs
X18 18" x 23" 56" 120 lbs
X24 24" x 27" 75" 270 lbs
**X30 30" x 32" 112" 340 lbs
**X40 40" x 43" 120" 400 lbs
**Please note** Gator Supply stocks models X15, X18 and X24. The other 2 models (X30 and X40) are available on factory order.

1900 series
24 inches in diameter
We stick 3 colors, black, red and

Day Mark Signals
Manufactured from heavy-duty vinyl coated nylon fabric with
galvanized framing. Fully collapsible when stored. Simplicity of
design offers rapid and rigid display when required.


24" x 48"
We stock the color black