Shoulder Pattern Eye Bolt With Heavy Hex Nut

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Never insert the point of a hook in an eyebolt. Always use a shackle.


Forged carbon steel, heat treated, hot galvanized.
Heavy hex nut according to ASME/ANSI B18.2.2.

*Working Load Limit applies to straight line pull only. When applying load at an angle, the Working Load Limit is drastically reduced. Refer to Standard Rigging Handbook for reductions in Working Load Limit of shoulder pattern eyebolts for angular lifting. Above ratings apply only when the shoulder is in full contact with the mating part of the load and the load is applied in the plane of the eye (see illustration below).

Size Dia.(A) x Shank(B)Working Load Limit in lbsApprox. Wt. ea. in lbsCDE
1/4" x 2"500.
1/4" x 4"500.
5/16" x 2.1/2"800.111.50.631.13
5/16" x 4.1/2"800.152.50.631.13
3/8" x 2.1/2"1,
3/8" x 4.1/2"1,
1/2" x 3.1/4"2,200.411.501.001.75
1/2" x 6"2,200.593.001.001.75
5/8" x 4"3,500.832.001.252.25
5/8" x 6"3,5001.
3/4" x 4.1/2"5,2001.52.001.502.75
3/4" x 6"5,2001.73.001.502.75